You may be wondering if feeding your dog grape jam is a good idea. But did you know that grape has certain components, now suspected to be tartaric acid which is toxic and fatal for dogs.

 Dogs cannot have Grape Jam. Grapes contain unidentified toxic substances. Recent research has pointed out to tartaric acid. However veterinarians continue their research on grapes. Even a single grape has been stated to be toxic to dogs. So don’t even think of showing the grape jam to your dog.

Dogs cannot eat grape jam. Unlike other fruits, grape contains toxic substances. These substances, although natural, are poisonous and fatal for dogs and can result in renal failure.

As if this is not enough, artificial sweeteners, if any, can hasten death.

What Is Jam?

A tasty, versatile topping or spread that can be sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Jam typically is used with butter and bread, but there is no limit to when it’s used as an ingredient to make a creative dish.

A jam can contain just grapes or can be a mixture of fruits. Some brands use additional preservatives to give their products longer shelf life. In any case, jams contain

  • pectin
  • citrates which are acidic in nature

Jam can also have the following in it:

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • food color
  • Preservatives

What is Grapes?

A grape is a juicy fruit and also a berry that grows on vines. Although largely comprised of water, it also has vitamins and minerals as depicted in the chart below.

Sweet when ripe, it comes in various colors. The popular ones are purple and green. Being the main ingredient in wine, it is grown in large quantities across the world.

What Does Grape Contain In Connection To Dogs? Are There Any Toxic Substances Present?

Grape contains toxic substances which can kill a dog. According to the AKC even a single grape is sufficient to kill a dog.

It is strange that we humans eat bunches of them will no contraindications and dogs whom we think are so similar to us can die with a single grape. Unimaginable right?

Can Dogs Eat Grapes and Raisins? Are Grapes Poisonous to Dogs? (

Is It Okay To Treat My Dog With Grape Jam?

Dogs cannot eat Grape jam because the grape contains toxins which can be fatal for your dog. Additionally the high sugar in the jam increases the blood sugar making it a fatal combination. Heard of ‘sweet poison’. This fits.

Now, imagine the toxins from grape, with the high sugars, pectin, and preservatives combining themselves to make it impossible for the dog to survive. Not something I would want for my dog!

Grape jam is nothing but poison for your dog and if are thinking that a small quantity is okay, then, you are wrong. According to the AKC, when it comes to grape, quantity becomes irrelevant.

But there is some difference of opinion on this aspect as well. The Breed, the size of the dog etc., have been taken into account and quantity of the grape has been said to be relevant.

The question is would you want to risk your dog’s life to find out?

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? (

‘In the News’: Updates on Grape Toxicity – Clinical Nutrition Service at Cummings School (

Recent research is trying to pin point tartaric acid as the fatal ingredient in grape for dogs. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association has published a letter by a group of veterinarians identifying tartaric acid as the reason for grape being toxic.

Given this debate on quantity, assuming for the sake of argument that you find a teaspoon ok grape jam is fine, sugar is a big issue when it comes to dogs.

This stems from the fact that high levels of sugar can affect your dog’s health and even lead them into trouble like obesity, diabetes, or liver disease! Jams can contain xylitol which is an additional toxin – so keep that grape jam away from your dog.

You might want to think about what type of treat your dog will enjoy before giving them something new.

If you don’t know anything, then it is always better to window shop dog treats and check on amazon reviews before you get something for the ‘pawsome’ guy.

Problems Caused Both By Grape And Jam Ingredients

Dysentery or Diarrhea:

Grape by itself can cause diarrhea in dogs. Imagine the acids in the jam compounding this. It’s going to be horrible for the poor dog! What if excessive diarrhea dehydrates the dog and proves fatal. I am sure you wouldn’t want this.


Dogs may develop gastric issues or stomach upset from the acidic substances in the jam. This apart, the toxins in the grapes make it more complicated.

The citric acids in the jams negatively impact your pet and this is aggravated by the toxins in the grapes. Together, they trigger vomiting in dogs which may need hospitalization.

Blood Poison:

Preservatives in any jam can be toxic for your dog. You can find preservatives in almost any and every product these days. Given this, the toxins in the grapes intensify the situation making it harder for the vet to save the dog.

Health Issues Caused In Dogs By Grape

Kidney Failure:

Renal failure is the main complication cause by grapes which is why grapes are best avoided for dogs.

The kidneys mat stop functioning altogether causing the body to retain the toxic substances which can lead to death very quickly.

Weakness & Lethargy:

If you’ve ever wondered if grapes are is safe for your furry friend, wonder no more. Grapes can cause serious health problems in dogs, including weakness and even organ failure resulting in death.

As with any food, it’s important to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog anything new, but in general, it’s best to stick to items that are specifically marketed as dog treats.


Immediate loss of fluids in the body and loss of vital electrolytes can occur in your dog upon consumption in grape.

You can identify dehydration by pulling the skin of your dog. If the skin does not return quickly to its normal condition, you can be sure that the dog is dehydrated.

You may also notice that the nose of the dog is dry and not moist.

Abdominal Pain:

Dogs may experience pain in the abdominal region due the toxin in the grapes. It may become tender which can be felt when you touch.

This is an indication of poisoning in the dog and needs immediate medical attention.

Increased Thirst:

Another symptom of grape poisoning is increased thirst in the dog. It may in some cases be an increase in the urination or it could be the opposite where the dog stops completely urinating. Neither of them are good indicators.

Harmful Effects Of Jam Ingredients In Dogs

What should you know about jam for dogs? This portion will discuss the harmful ingredients in Jams apart from the grape. This is in view of the existing debate on whether or not a single grape can kill your dog.

Well!, even if agree with the view that a single grape cannot kill, then jam in itself has several side effects. Let us have a look at them so that you can form an overall opinion on this aspect.

Before proceeding to discuss the harmful effects from the ingredients of jam, it will be pertinent to mention that after boiling the fruit, there is no nutritional value available in the jam.

Given this, I do not believe it is worth risking it. All of us pet lovers want our dog to live a long and healthy life.

Diabetes through Blood Sugar Level Spike (Upward):

Diabetes is a serious condition that can be caused by blood sugar spikes. Jam, like grape jam, for example, has been found to cause an increase in the dog’s levels of the glycemic index (which measures how fast food items break down and deliver glucose) which could ultimately lead to complications such as obesity or kidney disease if not controlled properly.

Jam is not a great food for your dog. Grape jam is a big no-no for the dog as grape in itself is toxic.

Excessive Weight Gain:

Dogs are susceptible to weight gain and diet-induced diseases. Dogs that eat too many sugary foods like jam can become overweight, which could cause them health problems in the long term or even lead to a shortened life span if not managed properly.

Here are some of the diseases that can be caused by obesity:

  • Weakening of the heart
  • Hepatic disease
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Ligament tear
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Spinal problems
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • kidney related problems

Pleural Effusion:

Pectin is a commonly used ingredient in jams to achieve the required consistency. Pectin in the jam can lead to fluid accumulation in the chest of your dog which is pretty disturbing to imagine. This condition is called Pleural Effusion.

Yes. Some doctors do claim the use of pectin as a medicine. However, the quantity of pectin is extremely low in those cases and under medical supervision.

You can consider the usage of snake venom in homeopathy medicines. Although snake venom is poisonous for humans, it has been used as a medicine too. Similarly, pectin has the same properties.

Pancreatic Issues:

The failure of the pancreas to perform normally coupled with inflammation is common to dogs who consume pectin.

Dental Problems:

When dogs eat jam, dental problems like cavities are bound to develop! Dental health is important in dogs because any infection in the mouth can move into the stomach causing other problems like cellulitis.

Rashes & Dermatitis:

Pectin has now been identified as a cause of allergies and inflammation. Pectin can cause inflammation on your pets’ skin which would make them itchy or have rashes. When the dog uses its nails on the rashes, it is bound to become infectious.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats Grape Jam?

Eating grape jam can be potentially dangerous and fatal for your dog. Grape in itself is poisonous for your dog and the ingredients in the jam aggravate the condition.

Although a teaspoon of other jams may not be so harmful, grape jam is not something you should be risking.

Contact your veterinarian immediately who will decide if an inducement of vomiting is required or if it requires any other treatment based on the symptoms shown by the dog.

As a first aid contact: 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center | Pet Poison Helpline

What Are Dog-Friendly & Dog-Safe Snacks That You Can Give Your Dog?

  • salmon
  • Beans & cooked sweet potatoes
  • mangoes
  • Peanut butter based snacks
  • Oatmeal treats
  • Ready-made vet-approved dog treats
  • apples(without the seed)
  • pumpkin-based treats

Pro Tip: You can have a chat with your vet and list out all the vegetables and fruits your dog can eat which would be a safe bet.

Wrapping Up:

Dogs cannot have a grape jam. Grapes contain toxic substances that can be fatal to dogs, and the jam also includes sugar and preservatives which are not good for your pet either. 

Although it may seem like a harmless snack, there is no safe way to give your dog grape jam! Irrespective of the debate on the quantity of grape that can be fatal, keep grape and grape jam away from your dog is the best thing to do.

While research continues to take its course, its better to be safe than sorry!